TPM BREL series 3 bogies

TPM BREL series 3 bogies

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pair of BREL series 3 bogie mouldings

I will include 3D printed couplers and coupler springs.

Assembling the Bogies

Remove the sideframes and centre stretcher from the sprue and clean up any mould pips, particularly from the top of the bogie.

Use liquid plastic cement to stick the sideframes into the stretcher, ensuring they are in tightly and evenly

(I recommend assembling on a flat surface, such a piece of glass)

Glue in the coupling and coupling pocket to the short end of the stretcher, ensuring the coupling  is straight and central.

The wheels clip into the axle-box pips on the inside of the sideframe and should rotate freely and not fall out.

The frames are very delicate and may need a little squeeze to hold the wheels firmly.

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