About me

A 'cottage industry' born out of my hobby in N Gauge model railways.

I have spent some considerable time, learning my 3D design craft, self taught (the hard way), and working very closely with Adam Warr of Electra Railway Graphics.

My designs are produced in Rhino, version 7 CAD software, then converted to STL format for 3D printing. I own a couple of 3D printers myself, but arthritis and asthma make it difficult to do too much actual production myself. So, I still use agencies for most of my kits.

My other interest is space travel and science fiction. I remember my parents getting a colour TV just in time for me to watch the live launch of Apollo 11. I was worried that the engineer would not get it set up on time but we had thirty minutes to spare. You can imagine my frustration that it has taken so long to get another moon shot together, only to find it delayed by political problems.

Never mind Covid.


We were supposed to be on the moon and Mars by now..............................